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What is Memory Care?


It is no surprise that as we get older, we progressively find it harder to remember things. Some older people have no trouble with their memories, however for some it is more than the normal aging process. As we age, we begin to process information more slowly. Others can become afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. But this is the exception. Alzheimer’s does not necessarily occur in all older people. ‘Risk factors include heredity, age, ethnicity, gender, and poor intellectual ability and the accompanying difficulty with complex thinking. Women in general are at greater risk than men of developing AD.

A Memory Care Community is a facility that cares for people diagnosed with memory conditions such as Alzheimers and dementia. They find or their loved ones are aware that the condition is affecting their daily living and they are unable to care for themselves without assistance. Facilities designed for Memory Care were created with the sole purpose of caring for patients individually while promoting socialization during meal-times and set activities.

The Memory Care facility usually consists of units within assisted living communities, which offer patients 24-hour support and programs that ensure their safety and quality of life. Residents are housed in private or semi-private rooms and are involved with a number of supervised activities and programs specifically created to enhance their memory. Many are furnished in such a way as to create a home-like setting, encouraging people to treat it as their home, rather than a facility. Larger facilities are secured.

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