What is an Independent Living facility?

I was having a conversation with my kids last week, and while they have always known that I help people find the best living situations for their loved ones, they didn’t really know what these communities that I work with were like. They had no idea what “Independent Living” or “Assisted Living” meant. In our honest conversation I came to the conclusion that they were intimidated by the thought of them. I realized if my kids are intimidated by them, I can only imagine what others might feel, so I want to give some general education on them. This week, I am going to break down what an independent living facility is like, and who will find the most value in joining this type of community.

What it is Independent Living like for my loved one?

Simply put, independent living is there for those who don’t want to be alone. Seniors may have lost a spouse and perhaps their children have moved away, so there is the absence of community. The results of living alone can also mean that physically taking care of a home can become too strenuous. In this case, an independent living community can be an amazing provision. These types of communities allow for one to continue to live entirely independently with the added benefit of being with others in the same situation. They provide a personal apartment, with one or two bedrooms, along with their own kitchen and laundry room, while also giving the added choice to eat with friends in a community dining room with prepared meals. With the freedom to come and go whenever the residents choose, there are no living restrictions. The primary goal of independent living is community.

What is the facilities role in Independent Living?

An independent living community is not a medical facility. These communities do not administer medications or give treatments. However, they are a place where multiple eyes are watching your loved ones, and can give valuable feedback on how they are doing when you cannot. Most provide security, and will alert you if they see a change in patterns or behaviors in the resident. These “apartment style” communities are a great preparation and stepping stone for someone who may some day require assisted living. Independent living is a wonderful option and the perfect solution for many. They are a place where one can still absolutely maintain a high standard of living.  

 What is the families role in Independent Living?

The family bears the responsibility in an independent living setting to make sure that the resident is continuing to stay healthy. It is advised that the family plays an active role in making sure that medications are staying current and that the resident is continuing to seek medical attention if necessary. If this becomes a strain on the family, non-medical care can be hired to help the resident continue to maintain their quality of life. The cost for these living communities can be very similar to that of retirement communities. They normally range from anywhere between $1300-$4000 per month, and many times include the meals for the resident. This solution can certainly add peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is in the safe environment of an independent living community. While still being able to maintain their personal freedom, and neighboring those who are like them, your loved one will be safely doing every day life around those who care. 

If you would like to learn more about independent living, or perhaps even to see some of our amazing communities here in the East Valley, I would love to connect with you. Feel free to contact me!

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