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We Help Seniors Celebrate the Joy in Life and Find Solutions for the Suffering

Working with seniors everyday means I get to meet some extraordinary people. Steve is a former paratrooper that just gave up skydiving at 81.  Ruth escaped Nazi Germany as a child on the Kindertransport to become a successful business woman while raising 5 kids. Maria likes to be called “Hollywood” because she found a career as an extra on movie sets at 90.

As I get to know these remarkable people, I am often impressed with their vitality and depth of character. They are funny, capable, and generous with their time.  Many also experience daily physical pain, suffer from a decline in their mental abilities, and deal with debilitating disabilities. When we factor in family conflicts, financial concerns, and bad experiences with care providers, we are left with a challenging situation as we strive to put together a senior living care plan that is unique to each situation. 

Part of my evaluation process involves listening to the stories, connecting with the individual, supporting the families, and educating all involved on safe senior living options. When a senior is ready to accept our assisted living or memory care recommendations, we have been through a journey together that has celebrated the joy in life and also found a solution for the suffering.  I can’t think of a better role in this world than helping seniors finish strong.

CarePatrol comes alongside families at no cost, to lift the burden of finding long term care for a senior. Helping people make informed choices is what we do. We are also here to bring you hope, because we know the senior care industry, and no one is better at helping seniors and their families than CarePatrol.

Please call if you need help finding care for a senior. You can reach your local CarePatrol consultant at 866-560-5656.

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