The Senior Care Industry – Things I Know and Things I Don’t Know

Things I don’t know:

• What the senior care industry will look like in the years to come.

• What the future holds for the virus forecast.

• Why people wear masks that don’t cover their nose.

Things I do know:

• Seniors will continue to need safe long term care options.

• We have to keep residents safe AND businesses need to be financially stable.

• The industry has responded positively to the pandemic in most communities.

• We have to combat reports from news outlets that the long-term care space is unsafe for seniors. 

• Communities need to be transparent with reporting on the outbreak.

• We need quick, non-evasive, widespread testing or communities will be vectors for corona transmission.

• Facilities that care for seniors must continue to wear PPE and practice proper protocols well into the future.

• Step by step we will figure this out.

• CarePatrol is ready, willing and able to help families find the communities that offer the safest senior living options.

CarePatrol is here to assist you at no charge with any senior living questions and can help with respite stays, memory care, in-home care and assisted living arrangements. We will help you find the communities that have protocols in place to keep your loved ones safe. 

Please call if you need help finding care for a senior. 

Call your local CarePatrol office today!

About the author
Eric Klein

Senior Care Consultant

CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore

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