Senior Living Communities in the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented times for us all. While the end of this era is uncertain, its lasting effect on our senior living communities is apparent. 

As seniors are an at-risk group for the pandemic, many senior living communities around the world are changing their daily operations to prevent the spread of the disease. While making these changes, providers are realizing that they must design future senior living communities with the same procedures in mind so that they can maximize the safety of their communities. 

More Intimate Senior Housing 

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, many senior living communities are opting for meal delivery and in-room entertainment instead of large group gatherings. These practices can actually help control other health concerns like the yearly flu. More providers are planning to incorporate community designs that facilitate socializing and dining in smaller groups. Compartmentalization and separating levels of care within larger campuses are strategies that will be present in future senior living communities so that these communities can better avoid major disruptions. 

Room Design

While communities may not be specifically designed for quarantine, there will likely be a push for units that are better for sheltering in place. For example, providing ample private access to the outdoors immensely helps the mental health and overall wellness of people during a pandemic, so this may become critical in the room design of future senior living spaces. 


Technology is majorly shaping the way we are planning for future senior living communities. Seniors and the providers are both embracing technology even more as a result of the pandemic. Remote communication tools are important for staying in touch with family, friends, and medical professionals. Virtual socialization is essential for combating the loneliness and depression that many seniors deal with. Telemedicine is also in the foreseeable future and is an excellent option for seniors who are unable to leave for regular visits. 

Finding Senior Living Communities in the Future

Senior living communities are rapidly adjusting to keep COVID-19 at bay and protect its residents. The providers are learning new practices that could keep senior living centers safer and more protected for smaller health concerns like the annual flu, and many of these practices will be built into future senior living communities. While the future of senior living communities is different, what you can expect from CarePatrol will remain the same. We are 100% committed to helping all seniors find the ideal living environment for their personal needs. At no cost to you, we will perform a detailed assessment and match you with the best senior living community for you. Head HERE to find your local CarePatrol senior advisor. 

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