Searching for Senior Care May Affect Your Job Performance

Finding care for an aging parent is a noble calling.  Parents take care of us for the first 20 years of our lives, and we should be prepared to take care of them for the last 20 years of their lives. Unfortunately, that desire to take care of an aging family member often results in caregiver burnout, lost productivity at work, and a negative impact on careers.

Juggling work and searching for care for a parent, disabled family member, relative, or friend significantly affect your work life. Employees with care-giving responsibilities cost their employers billions per year in lost productivity. Companies lose out when business owners and upper management must stop working to look for senior care options.  

Many companies promote a culture of caring, but few are prepared to expand that concept when it comes to finding care for a senior.  Companies often do not understand the cost associated with being absent from a job while looking for senior living arrangements for a parent, being fatigued from caregiving, or working while distracted. 

Having to deal with care for a senior is a feature of almost all working-age adults at some time in their lives. CarePatrol is a free solution and valuable resource to help individuals and families navigate that process. They also have a free elder benefit to offer workers that will help them network with a variety of senior care resources.

CarePatrol comes alongside families and employees, at no cost, to lift the burden of finding long term care for a senior.  Helping people make informed choices is what we do. We are also here to bring you hope, because we know the senior care industry and no one is better at helping seniors and their families than CarePatrol.

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