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Isolation for Seniors May Trigger Rapid Declines in Health

Prior To COVID-19, David and his wife were managing the effects of her dementia together in their home.  But, seniors facing the challenges of social isolation are particularly vulnerable to rapid declines in their health. Four months of isolation in their condo had triggered a rapid progression of Sarah’s dementia symptoms.  

In addition to trying to cope with Sarah’s now aggressive verbal and physical outbursts, David was feeling lonely and depressed. Social isolation disrupted their normal routine, and he was losing weight from stress and a change in his eating habits.  Lack of exercise had weakened his muscles and he was now having trouble keeping his balance. Cancelled activities such as chess games, movie nights, and visits to the senior center resulted in reduced cognitive stimulation.

Out of concern for their parents, the couple’s daughters reached out to their local Patrol office for help. They had many concerns: Zoom calls were well intended, but the technology frustrated their parents. Doctor’s appointments had been cancelled and skipped.  The bus could no longer be used for transportation to the grocery store.  Prescriptions were not being filled. 

There are no easy answers to these problems, and this family was facing many difficult decisions. Fortunately, finding solutions to these and many other questions is what Care Patrol is all about.  Within 5 days of our initial call, they used their vast network of senior resources to create and implement a care plan for this lovely couple. Estate planning documents were created. A realtor specializing in senior moves was brought in to list the condo. A senior move manger organized all the couples belongings. And the couple chose a wonderful community that will be able to take care of their health challenges of the moment and also well into the future. All of this was done at no cost to the seniors or their families.

If you need help finding care for a senior, please give CarePatrol a call at 866-560-5656.  We are a free service and are here to help.

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