Being Different Makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE:

When faced with the decision and needing assistance with placing a loved one, would you prefer a cold impersonal phone call or a warm in-person meeting?

We offer:

  • Expert Knowledge & Personal Consideration: Our local Senior Advisors will come to your place and sit down with you face to face to take the time to learn about your loved one and what their needs are.
  • Personalized Guidance and Care: Our local Senior Advisors will personally support you in person through every step of the process.
  • Local Senior Advisors Our Senior Advisors live where you live and know the area. They provide a “local” view on facilities and resources and will help you in-person when you tour and compare each community.
  • Safer Senior Care Options Our Senior Advisors validate the communities state licenses and past violation history. We are picky with who we partner with and don’t work with everyone. We are proud to say we will just contract and work with only the safest communities. And we’ll show you their state violations record. 

Our Certified Senior advisors prescreen and review every partnered  community by:

  • Reviewing every communities available state and provincial resource before we partner with them to insure that the communities partnered are licensed, in good standings and we examine their state violations record.
  • Performing partnered community audits every year reviewing if they have any new violations or licensing issues.
  • Assisting families by providing information and reviewing with the family facility licensure, inspection summaries and violation history.
  • Helping them understand how much their care budget should be by walking the family through a Cost of Care Calculator.

This is a Free Service? How Does that Work?

  • Our Senior Living Advisors are passionate about assisting seniors and their families while bringing the best personal experience and customer service.

About Our Mission and Core Values

  • CarePatrol was founded in 1994 by a social worker after observing the personal trauma experienced by a family whose loved one had been placed in the wrong type of facility, CarePatrol became the pioneer organization whose core values are dedicated to being a comprehensive personal service and valuable resource for families during the placement of a love one.
  • Our mission is to provide safer care options for seniors across America.
  • CarePatrol Senior Care Consultants tour clients through their recommended communities and are ALWAYS a free service to the family. They are paid by one of the partnered communities shown that the family will ultimately choose.
  • No more random lists of communities, the communities recommended are based on your loved ones preferences and care needs.
  • Have guidance and support with a certified senior advisor with you during the community tour.
  • Personalized educational materials are provided for you.
  • Have the stress reduced on you and your loved ones with the in person customer service CarePatrol provides.
  • Our Certified Senior Advisors will always give you and your family the honesty, compassion and personalized service that our clients have come to expect from us.
  • As always, there are no surprises….this is a completely free service for you.