Community Partnering During the COVID Crisis

Michael Mithen of CarePatrol Oakland County was alerted to the increased frequency of hospital conference calls regarding the need for PPE. He reached out to other Detroit-area franchisees to insure they were aware as well. On the very first call, the PPE procurement problem was identified, and the CarePatrol Team stepped up immediately to help.

CarePatrol of Metro Detroit Franchisee, Gregg Svitchan and CarePatrol of Oakland County’s Michael Mithen and Kari West voluntarily contacted their local community leaders to gain an understanding of the new distribution process.

To assist, Gregg, Michael and Kari are now collecting the PPE orders from the Directors of local SNF/IL/ALs and AFC Group Homes on a weekly basis and passing those orders on to the appropriate local contacts.  In essence, they have the Directors working with CarePatrol for their PPE supply needs. Combined, Gregg, Mike, and Kari West are communicating on a daily basis the amount of open COVID beds that CarePatrol has in their network of 300+ providers to the local hospitals and their vast referral communities.

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