Are You Scared?

A daughter called our CarePatrol office in tears.  She had been taking care of her mom that was suffering from dementia that was progressing at a rapid pace. The virus quarantine had them locked down in their small home, and the confinement was taken a toll on both mother and daughter. The daughter had severe caregiver burnout, and started telling me how she was so depressed that she didn’t have the energy to clean the house or wash the four weeks of dishes that had piled up on the kitchen counter. The burnout this daughter was feeling is something I observe on a regular basis. 

When this daughter called she was feeling guilty that she could not keep up with the  housework and ashamed that her mom’s care and hygiene were being neglected. She told me she felt so depressed every time she looked at a dirty dish that she did not have the ability to wash them.  She felt her situation was hopeless, and a friend recommended she call CarePatrol to see if we could help. She asked me where to start. I told her to go buy some paper plates!

After some silence, she said “I never considered that!”  She was so worn down in the caregiving cycle that she had lost perspective on how to proceed with a care plan that worked not just for mom, but the entire family. My small suggestion helped her focus on finding a safe senior living solution for mom, and get out of a rut that was not healthy for everyone involved.

Sometimes we get stuck in a mindset that our situation is so impossible that we need outside help to find solutions. When you start to think that way, reach out to an expert with your questions. By asking for help, you give yourself power over the situation. You show that you value the expertise of others that have walked the path before you, and that have the experience and knowledge to guide you on the journey. No one can do everything on their own. What I have noticed dealing with seniors and their families every day, is that when a person finally asks for help from an expert, they create a support system they can count on that is extremely beneficial for everyone involved.

CarePatrol is here to assist you at no charge with any senior living questions and can help with respite stays, memory care, in-home care and assisted living arrangements. We will help you find the communities that have protocols in place to keep your loved ones safe. 

We are also here to bring you hope, because we know this industry, and nobody is better at helping seniors and their families than CarePatrol.

About the author
Eric Klein

Senior Care Consultant

CarePatrol of Chicago Northshore

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