CarePatrol of Birmingham, Alabama

My name is Linda and I am writing this letter to highly recommend Shawn Barnes as a resource to help you make a decision on where to get the best help for a loved one. I cannot emphasis enough how much help Shawn was to me. I could not have made the proper decision without his help I live in Bend, Oregon and my sister Joan, lived alone in Anniston, Alabama. I had not been to Alabama for over 15 years and knew nothing about the area. My sister suffered a massive stroke on November 10, 2011 in Anniston. She was taken to University of Alabama/Birmingham where she was in NICU for three weeks. She suffered short term memory loss, speech recall, and the ability to walk and eat. We did not see a lot of hope for her, as she became uncooperative. Then the hospital moved her to a regular room and wanted to discharge her in a few days. As you can image, I did not know what to do.

However, I was lucky and a staff member suggested that I contact Shawn. What a blessing. Shawn was able to calm my fears, give me wonderful advice and insight about what to look for in a good nursing home, and helped me to find the right place for my sister. Without his help I am not sure what I would have done. My sister remained in a nursing/rehab facility from December 9, 2011 until March 15, 2012. She made amazing progress and I was able to move her to an assisted living facility. She is now able to walk and eat, but still has short term memory loss and speech recall. She is happy and loves the facility and staff. With Shawn’s help I made the right choice for her. Shawn was a wonderful resource during this trying time. He was never pushy and gave me objective advice about facilities and Medicare policies. Although, not required, he continues to follow up with calls to ensure everything is still going fine. I highly recommend Shawn Barnes. Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions.

Linda T. in Bend, Oregon

CarePatrol of South Jersey

Dear Ralph,

I want to Thank You again for all your help when we started this quest for him. Bob really has adjusted quite nicely at Spring Oaks. He is settled in and one of us takes him for weekends at a time, its a much nicer visit now and his daughter is relieved of the stresses of him being a burden during her 3rd pregnancy. We actually had him for a week in the summer with his grandson and had a great time! I will certainly keep you in mind if I hear of anyone else looking for a place for their loved one, I would give you guys an 11 on a 1-10 scale! Thanks again!! Wishing you much success!


CarePatrol of Mesa, Scottsdale and West Valley, Arizona

Wanted to let you know how grateful we are that we used Michael Messer to find care at Goldwater 11 assisted living .

It is a beyond perfect place for my mother. Not only does she have a very nice room, but the food, the conditions of adherence to their being licensed are consistently followed because Mr. Messer saw what we truly needed after looking at 2 other places.

He personally spoke with the owners by phone before we were even done looking at the second residence. He interceded for us, asking for a lower price at Goldwater assisted living. After an interview with my mother while she was still in rehab, they agreed to reduce the price, and accepted her.

This was our Christmas miracle!

It is always a difficult transition for everyone involved, and in our case, as POA , and the care giving decision makers, this is almost an understatement . There were issues we had to overcome with my mother because of the dementia/control matters involved, and are still working on some with their help.

The owners and staff have been very caring and professional . They always follow regulations, have the best meals prepared, and patiently explain to the resident the needs and rules when needed. The residence itself is beautiful and meticulously kept clean, and organized. These things were not always the case in many other assisted living places. After awhile you know what to look for.

I hope your staff will use Mr. Messer’s services, and also I highly recommend Goldwater assisted living to the families who find themselves stuck for a solution in this type of situation.

Also, please be mindful, families should understand they should definitely look into adjacent zip codes for a proper solution . I personally feel, after viewing all together 17 such residences, that the surprise area is overly congested with the need for such facilities . The result is either no vacancy, or inflated prices for less then favorable residences. There are quite good clinics, hospitals and Dr’s outside of the ’85275′ zip code we have found. Some quite honestly are preferrable. Even though its approximately 20 miles away from our residence , the total experience and piece of mind is well worth the effort it!

Thank you sincerely,


CarePatrol of The Foothills

I can not thank you enough for all you did for me and my family. George is adjusting to Emeritus and the care he is receiving has been excellent. It has been such peace of mind knowing he is in good hands and safe.

Thank you again and May God Bless You,

Marina -Upland, CA