CarePatrol of Greater St. Louis

Dear Nancy,

This letter comes to commend you for the wonderful, dedicated work you continue to do in behalf of my cousin in St. Louis.  Your way of working with him and the family in placing him in a skilled nursing facility was and is amazing – so personal, so thorough, so caring. You go the extra mile for your clients and that’s priceless – first visiting them, then making sure their placement works, and finally following up with them and the family. This type of care is rare and should be prized. I’m far away and so your care for my loved one is especially treasured.

Congratulations and much success to you and your Care Patrol for amazing, thorough, and loving service!

– SB

CarePatrol of Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Christa,

I’m not sure if you will remember me by name.  I met you (along with my sisters) back around the 1st part of January at St. Joseph’s hospital where my mother was being evaluated due to high blood pressure.

I can’t remember the name of the Social Worker at the hospital who put us in touch with you.  I thought I had kept good notes to be able to go back to and reference but I missed writing her name down.

My mom was badly in need of being placed in a Memory Care facility and we were having a very difficult time finding a place for her.  You were like our guardian angel and definately an answer to a lot of prayer.  You put us in touch with Kerri from Pacifica and everything just fell into place after that.  My sisters and I placed her there on 1/22.  I thought my two weeks in Phoenix (I live in Florida) were going to be spent going from facility to facility to try and find an appropriate place for my mom.  Because of your efforts, I was able to spend the majority of that time just enjoying time with my mom.  It will be a trip I will never forget because as I was able to spend all that time with her she gradually was able to remember me again.  You gave me a gift that was priceless!  As I left her in January, it was with mixed emotions, joy that she was safe and in good hands with a little bit of sadness thinking she may never know me again as her daughter.

Your recommendation couldn’t have been more perfect.  Pacifica met all our needs, including having a “bed” available for her.  I can’t tell you the relief you provided us. After taking her there to visit one day she insisted that I take her back so she could sign the contract.  Tears of joy and relief!!!  It took a couple of weeks before we were able to go and visit with her, but she is very content, happy, and seems well adjusted to her new home.

Thank you again for all the time you spent with us that day.  Thank you for all the concern and care you gave us.  I am convinced you were sent by God and once he put us in touch with you he removed every obstacle facing us.  You are truly an asset in your job and it was so very apparent as you worked through the process with us.

Thank you again so very much and God Bless!!!


CarePatrol of Phoenix, Arizona

I traveled from California to Arizona,  three months ago, to place my mother in law in a well respected care home.
Not being from there, had many drawbacks for me, as I really didn’t know the area, or where to look.
Enter Christa, from Care Patrol!

She took me to tour 3 group homes and because I knew what I was looking for, allowed me to pretty much ask the owners many questions.
She made many positive suggestions,  and she and her partner that day, were so supportive, informative and made sure that I was comfortable with information that I had gathered.

I was able to find a place that day, and without the help of CarePatrol, I would have never been able to accomplish my first goal for my trip there.
They were efficient in every aspect,  and I made sure to recommend them to my girlfriend,  who was struggling to find placement for her elderly parents.

I would definitely recommend this company, as their professionalism and knowledge, is beyond measure!
Even after my mother in law passed away, Christa contacted me to offer her condolences.
A big “Thank You”, from our family,  for guiding me in the right direction!

Debbie F. from Fremont, CA,

CarePatrol of San Jose

Chuck and Becky,

I am writing in reference to one of your Certified Senior Advisors for Care Patrol. Let me start by stating that while I firmly believe in offering feedback for people the actions required for me to write a formal letter of praise need to exceed just a job well done. Cristie A. Burr who owns and operates one of your franchises in San Jose CA has given such outstanding service I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you.

My mother and stepfather had lived in South San Jose for 30 years. My brother lives 150 miles away from them and I reside in Colorado. My stepfather had an unexpected illness which suddenly took his life in late October 2014. I was on a business trip in Chicago when I got the call and flew directly back to San Jose. My mother suffers from dementia and was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My stepfather was her caregiver. His passing left my brother and me in a terrible situation from not only from grief but from the logistical standpoint of what to do with my mother. That is when close friends of mine introduced me to Cristie.

I had no idea of even where to start. Cristie explained CarePatrol and what you do. She was perfectly sensitive to the situation. When I told her we would like to move my mother near my brother who lives in Salida next to Modesto CA she said that wasn’t in her territory. She then said she would see who had that territory and explain the situation. It was an open territory with no representation. At this point she could have gracefully bowed out and I would have appreciative for her effort. However it seemed she took it on as a personal challenge to remedy the situation. On her own she researched facilities outside her territory and came up with a number one option. In addition she took the time to come visit my mother in her home to assess her condition to determine what type of care she was likely to need.

It was an extremely sensitive situation as my mother was rather upset and angry with having a caregiver in the house that we had hired for her. Cristie came in pleasant and professional as could be and handled it far beyond any expectations I could have had. My brother went to see the facility Cristie had recommended and it impressed him. However my stepsisters did not want to pick the first place. Again Cristie stepped up and chose a couple of more places to look at and explained what we should be looking for. All of this effort on her part was executed in an utterly helpful and caring manner while at the same time being amazingly efficient.

It is indeed incredibly rare these days to have a personal human touch which puts one at ease in such a delicate situation while instilling the confidence and trust that things will be ok. I feel I must reiterate none of this was her responsibility or in her territory. This was literally out of the goodness of her heart and simply because it was the right thing to do. We will be moving my mother next week to the initial place Cristie picked out and as difficult as the situation may be I have a sense of comfort based on Cristie’s involvement.

In short, Cristie is exemplary in her job and a shining example of what a representative of your company should strive to be. I don’t know your recognition or award structure but I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of your highest honor.

Thank you for your time in reading this and congratulations on having such an outstanding member of your team.

Most sincerely,


CarePatrol of Orlando

To CarePatrol,
Franco & Jean

I want to take a moment to thank you both for all your help you gave me with my mother Barbara Register. We were in desperate need of direction as to what to do and where to place her.

CarePatrol was refered by the hospital case manager. The prompt and caring attention was exceptional. Even when I made a mistake they came to my aide and helped with a better care plan.

I want to also mention this was during a holiday week. They came to the hospital and received my calls on their days off.

Thank you so much. I will never forget your attention and wonderful care, during one of life’s most difficult times.

–  MO