Queenie Libesman

Senior Care Consultant

About Queenie

Queenie Libesman is passionate about working with the senior community.  She believes with her knowledge and skills she can match senior with their needs.

Prior to becoming a CarePatrol Senior Consultant, Queenie spent many years as a certified nursing assistant.  The job requires hard work and many responsibilities, but caring for patients on a daily basis provides some of the greatest rewards any profession could offer.  She now uses all the training and experiences to help seniors and their families find the best possible communities in the Los Angeles County area.

Queenie is happily married and currently living with her loving husband and two wonderful sons.


Cities Queenie Serves

Los Angeles, West Hollywood

Zip Codes Queenie Serves

90004, 90005, 90006, 90007, 90010, 90012, 90013, 90014, 90015, 90016, 90017, 90018, 90019, 90020, 90026, 90027, 90028, 90029, 90031, 90033, 90036, 90038, 90039, 90046, 90057, 90065, 90068, 90069, 90071, 90089